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A.C.E.S. Legal Network is a multinational cooperation of independent European boutique law firms.

Our members provide a full range of legal advisory services, including representation in court, and provide support to the Client in cooperation with specialized local service providers to assure a customized and efficient business solution.

We ensure that the interests of our clients are protected and that our clients feel at home in our member countries as we offer them trustworthy partners and represent them in their business transactions.

The efficiency of our work is proven by many successful cross-border business transactions (such as forming multinational joint venture companies, subsidiary companies, assisting in cross border projects etc.) in which we provided to our members and their business partners not only legal, but also a full range of business consultancy services, right from the planning phase of a project to its successful implementation phase.

Dr. Edvard Ékes LL.M.

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Ékes Law Office - Hungary

Our Office aims to approach any legal issues in a practical and client-focussed spirit and to dissolve them at high professional standards. We have due professional experience both in legal consultancy and representation in lawsuits. Our Office has set for itself the goal to build up long-term client relations. Therefore, we undertake any mandate in each case after the careful consideration of the quantity, foreseeable costs and realistic outcome of the work to be done and we perform it in close cooperation with the client. The most important measure for the value of our work is the permanent increase of the standards and totality of the work. The feedbacks related to the work of the Law Office and to the achieved results highlight the precision, dynamism, client-focussed spirit and business-like crisis management of the Office. One of the specific signs of our operations at European standards will be that today we provide for the representation of business associations operating not only in Hungary but also in several member states of the European Union.


We provide full-range consultancy in the fields of business, corporate and commercial law for the participants of business life. The Head of Office has experience in the fields of corporate law, securities transactions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, banking transactions, competition law matters, as well as commercial deals and in litigious matters before the ordinary courts and arbitration courts.


We provide full-range consultancy in connection with real estate investments, real estate sale and purchase and real estate registration matters. In the framework of this activity we fulfil the required tasks from the preparation of contracts relating to the transfer of title to the real property (e.g. real estate sale agreement, gift agreement, etc.) up to the preparation of the contracts required for the legal implementation of real estate projects.We provide for the full-range arrangement of real estate purchase in Hungary by foreign natural persons or legal entities, and in the framework thereof we proceed – based on the relevant mandate – also as representatives and/or escrow agents.


Our Office provides consultancy and representation in litigious and out-of-court proceedings in labour law matters. We have participated in the audit of the contract portfolios relating to the employees of a high number of economic organisations, as well as in the preparation of contracts complying with the Hungarian statutory provisions in force. In this scope the legal settlement of agency and entrepreneurial contracts disguising a labour law relation has a high priority importance.


We are carrying out full-range legal consultancy for a market-leader commercial bank.


We provide for representation in any civil law litigious proceedings.


We provide full-range consultancy in legal issues related to securities transactions, and we provide for litigious and out-of-court representation in legal disputes related to securities.


We provide legal consultancy and representation in litigious and out-of-court (proceedings) relating to competition law, advertisement law and trademark matters. We carry out full-range representation in trademark application matters and all trademark related proceedings in the Hungarian Patent Office.


Our Office provides for representation in a high number of divorce cases in the litigious proceedings, as well as in the course of reconciliation out of court.


The Office has comprehensive knowledge of the EU statutes in force; based on a request it will prepare legal expert opinions.

Dominique Anderes

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Bruppacher Hug & Partner

Our office offers legal advice for domestic and foreign corporations, entrepreneurs and their families and private individuals in all commercial affairs. Practical legal counseling and personal commitment to our Clients’ needs are key principles of our firm. Our main services include commercial and corporate law, contract and trade law, mergers & acquisitions, distribution law, inheritance law and succession planning, labour law, residence and work permits and litigation. Our lawyers also serve as members on the board of directors of Swiss and international enterprises and family offices. We cooperate closely with and have direct access to professionals in specialized fields of law and in taxation, accounting, financing and company management in Switzerland and internationally.


Our working approach and our dynamic office structure allows us to devote our time and efforts efficiently to the needs of our Clients. We personally take care of their interests. Our principle is to provide a service of high quality at high professional standards. The relationship with our Clients is based on mutual confidence and trust. We aim at building and maintaining sustainable and long term relationships with our Clients. Our Clients can rely on our availability and our personal commitment. We aim at providing practical advice and at seeking and implementing efficient solutions. We place great value not only on the identification of efficient solutions to legal issues, but also on the achievement of our Clients’ individual objectives. The approach to our Clients is personal, consistent and clear.


Our office provides advice regarding corporate law & corporate governance, incorporations, shareholder meetings, corporate housekeeping, financings, shareholder agreements, articles of association and regulations, expert opinions, succession planning.


We offer our Clients advice regarding purchase and loan agreements, service agreements, mandate and consultancy agreements, supply and construction agreements, rent and leasing agreements, license and outsourcing agreements, distribution and franchise agreements.


Our lawyers advise in the fields of marital contracts, contracts of succession, last wills, family office services, estate and succession planning, mandates as executor of a will.


Our fields of activity also include establishment and administration of foundations and Trusts as well as Family Office services.


Our office offers assistance in drafting employment agreements, employee participation schemes and applying for residence and working permits.


We advise and represent banks in internal and foreign and domestic regulatory investigations.


Our office provides services in mergers, acquisitions, purchases and sales of participations or assets, joint ventures, cooperation agreements, restructuring.


Our law firm is experienced in the analysis of claims, development of procedural strategy, representation in civil and administrative procedures, regulatory matters and arbitration.


We offer our Clients services regarding real estate purchases and pledge agreements, approval procedures, building and timesharing projects.


Our activities also cover representation of creditors, liquidation of bankrupt companies, representation in bankruptcy and receivership procedures.

Luka Gaberšcik

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Brulc, Gaberščik & Partners

The lawyer Luka Gaberšcik graduated with honours from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana in 2002. After having completed the programme of judicial traineeship at the Higher Court in Koper, he became employed as an attorney candidate at the law firm Ceferin op, d.o.o., where he continued his career as a lawyer. He began his career as an independent lawyer in 2008 and upgraded it two years later with establishment of the BGK law firm, now operating as Brulc, Gaberšcik & Partners, Law Firm, Ltd.. He operates in Slovenian, English, Italian, Serbian and Croatian and he also speaks some German and Spanish. As an experienced Managing Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry, he favors engagements with strong business potential and is skilled in Commercial Law, Corporate Governance, Finance and Investment Law, Real Estate, Construction Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Licensing. In 2015 he was appointed as the president of Nomination Comittee of Slovene Sovereign Holding.

Brulc, Gaberščik & Partners, Law Firm, Ltd. from Ljubljana – Slovenia is a team of nationally recognized and well-respected attorneys and other legal professionals, which provides a wide array of legal services for all types of clients.

They are a business-oriented law firm ready to provide services with care and expertise you rightfully expect. The law firm aspires to provide highest global standards of business and law with local excellence of service and by maintaining the quality of resources necessary to meet their clients’ needs whenever they arise.

Care, expertise and approachability are their fundamental guidelines. Whenever necessary, they work with top technical and financial experts to ensure a comprehensive assistance. The key value of their firm lies in their experts, who always put their clients’ needs first and assist them with their knowledge, extensive experience and a big picture approach.

Their services range from founding new companies to legal assistance in M&A. They service all your business legal needs; including due diligence reviews, commercial contract drafting, resolution of employment issues, IP legal support, debt collection, commercial litigation and legal support for public procurements.


  • vehicle industry (manufacturer, distributor, seller, service provider)
  • construction, project management, engeneering
  • multinational company, branch office, joint venture & project
  • start-ups
  • financial industry, bank, investment & asset management
  • foundations & trusts
  • outdoor media
  • marketing and PR
  • data center construction
  • IT developement
  • information technology (distributor, seller)
  • employment agency
  • call center
  • franchising, distribution & retail services
  • consumer goods
  • hotels, resorts & tourism
  • IT service providers & telecommunications
  • energy, mining & infrastructure
  • family offices
  • real estate

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